Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Oprah, Cakes, and Chels


Have you taken a peek at the luscious cakes that Oprah is revealing on her show this week? Have you ever seen more beautiful confections than those T-cakes, red velvet cakes or cinnamon raisin scones? Sweet potato pie, anyone? I'm hungry just thinking about it!

You know, it reminds me of looking at knitting yarns. The colors of yarns today are simply gorgeous! The textures, too, are something to see. So many different types of yarn; looking at them you would think they are impossible to knit with. The ribbon yarns are some of my favorites; easy to use, and they look much more complicated when knitted up then they really are. You can definitely fool everyone, where your knitting prowess is concerned, with ribbon yarn!

The cutie staring at you up above is none other than my little cupcake, Chelsea! Isn't she just a calendar dog? She's almost 11 years old!! She loves to smile for the camera, too!!

Of all the items I've been knitting over the years, I've yet to knit Chels anything! But, why cover up beauty?! Her spots are just right and her red flea collar is all she needs. Dog patterns abound on the Web, so be sure to find yourself some. A good place to start is Knitting Patterns Central.
You could spend all day browsing through....................................................

And when you are ready for bed just jump into your jammies and be comfortable!

And keep knitting! Later!

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