Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Blowing In The Wind

It goes without saying, or should, that learning to knit is as simple or as complicated as you want it to be. Stitches can be simple or maddingly convoluted; just as picking out which pattern to knit can also be a chore, if you let it. Needles and accessories can drive you crazy if you let them; but don't let them. Keep everything as simple as you can; that's the only secret to doing anything well.

Then there is the subject of yarn. If you've ever tried to untangle yourself from a completely twisted skein of the stuff, then you know what I'm talking about. Some yarn, like some people, is difficult indeed. Try to follow your way out of one of those yarn mazes, and you'll have better success losing your mind! Bent, crisscross, tangled, contorted; these words don't give the whole endeavor justice. If you're familiar with Larry David's "stop and chat", then you know the only thing left to do is to "stop and snip". Unless you have the next week, uninterrupted, to devote to such inanity! I don't usually give it 5 minutes.

I work too hard on my knitting to keep anything from letting me get to the finish line. Opportunities abound every day to just keep knitting! You can be in your home or your car; sitting in traffic lines with no where to go; isn't that a little like purgatory? Sometimes the radio helps, sometimes it just makes things worse. So bring your knitting and never let anything stop you again!

With May slowing rolling to a close hurricane season is on the horizon. According to the National Hurricane Center, there could be another active season to look forward to. But, take it as a challenge and don't let it get you down!! Be prepared as best you can, and if you must leave home for a while, don't forget your knitting! Nothing soothes the soul better than listening to the calming click of your knitting needles. Maybe that's why women through the centuries chose to keep knitting when the necessity for it had actually passed; they knew something about life, that sometimes we forget. Sanity can be found in the simplest things; knitting is simple.

Next week, be sure to check out my brand new article on yarns; how they differ, how they are alike, which one is best to use for different projects. It will be posted at my website, The Knit Stitch.com

That's it for now -- tell me what you think!

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