Monday, May 08, 2006

Monday Musings

Tell me ..... what do Patrick Kennedy, Donald Rumsfeld and Tony Blair have in common? No, don't tell me they're all men, famous in their own ways, or even that two of them are American and one is not. There is something they don't do. (At least I don't think they do.)

Give up? It's K-N-I-T!! They don't know how to knit! Maybe their wives know, but they never learned. Could be, that's what's wrong with the world. Too many men don't knit. They'd rather play with guns.

The reason I bring this up is because knowing a craft is so satisfying. It takes us right back to our essence; creating something with our hands, which wasn't there before, and has been solely thought up by us. It can even sound a little scary when put that way! But, that's what makes knitters so nice!

They know their own minds. We know full well what we are made of. We've learned a craft; practised it to the point where we have become very good at it, and hopefully, share it with others. Knitting, like any craft, takes time. Usually a scarf or a sweater, or an afghan or baby item, placemats, shrugs, or ornaments are not knitted in one sitting. More like a month of sittings, if we find the time. Yet, with each passing day, a little more has been done; another section of rows completed; an arm, or another square knitted off. We keep on going until we can finally put the needles down and either sew things together or put on the finishing touches.

Then, we step back and admire! We've created something! Simple yarn and needles, with simple instructions, we did it! And it looks so complicated, that's the fun part; that we can knit it so well, that it looks so hard-d-d-d-d!!!! But, it's easy, so easy anyone can do it!

Even Patrick Kennedy, Donald Rumsfeld and Tony Blair!
What do you think?

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