Thursday, August 13, 2009

Quiet time and Candles yet to be lit . . . .

Most mornings walking Piper down the road I hear nothing.

Just the rustle of the leaves on the trees, and the soothing breeze when there is one. Summer has fully engrossed us finally; so often you hear about its coming demise. Don't be fooled -- we have more than a month full of summer, yet. And it's warmth inevitably spills over into October and November.

Wildflowers abound all along the sides of the roads. Pretty daisies, purple cornflower, goldenrod, and the ubiqitous Queen Anne's lace. They especially look somewhat like this:

Variations on a theme, yes? The crickets have yet to start their nightly concerto's, it has just been too cool. But, every time I walk outdoors, I am reminded that it is sans a sweater or a coat or gloves or boots to keep from falling on the ice! So, this Winter, none of that!

Today I submitted my book, Candle Reflections, for review! I'm hoping to order a proof in a matter of days, and then it will be available for all to read. I hope you will.

Life is a journey, don't you know, it is not a state of perfection.


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