Friday, October 27, 2006

One More Hour to Knit!

Well, here it is the end of October, and not only is the month almost done, but I am another year older. Birthdays are great, but they have a way of sneaking up on you, and surprising you with a number that you just can't believe! I'll say no more.....

Now, here is a pretty creation. I made this for my son & "daughter", Rob & Lisa, on the occasion of their wedding. It was easy enough, knitted in panels, and then sewn together. A simple pattern stitch to follow, a few cables and everyone will marvel!

One of my goals for 2007 is to put together a series of patterns--for afghans, for baby items, for special occasions, and for holidays throughout the year, that anyone can knit easily.

I do believe with all the sites online there is too much to see; there seems to be so much info that it becomes confusing, and "where do I begin?" is the only question that comes to mind.

There are a lot of easy patterns out there, so I will round them up and see what fits. Also, yarn information is important; what with all the different types of yarn and especially, all the varieties that are available, it can be downright mind-boggling trying to figure out what is best to knit with.

An example of a simple, but elegant pattern stitch is at the left. This consists of nothing more than 4 rows, with a "drop-stitch" on row 3. Instead of running out to the mall for another inane Christmas gift, which seems so tiresome after a while, learn to knit simple stitches like these for scarves, or belts, even hats. You could make a couple of panels and use them in an afghan, also. The more you look around, the more ideas will come to you.

Back to Christmas.....wouldn't it be marvelous, if we would stop spending so much money in the big stores, making them richer, so they can throw us minimum-wage jobs, and just learn to knit?! Why do we have to buy $3000. gifts for Christmas or any holiday? Cars with big red bows on them, sitting in the driveway; how stupid is this? Diamonds, which would set anybody back about a year's pay, too many of us feel obligated to purchase. We need to get back to basics in this country; back to morals, and values that make us proud.

One of the best, and most useful things we can do, is to work at a craft. Knitting as craft. That's where I'll pick up next time.

Happy Halloween, and don't stay out too late looking for the Great Pumpkin!


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