Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Victorian Ornament

Winter is a tiresome guest. Go, already!

I love trying lace patterns for simple adornments, such as a scarf or shawl.

So many pretty, feminine charms have been left off, because women have to be so liberated! From what, I ask, looking pretty? What ever happened to white gloves and dainty hankerchiefs, lacy shawls or open-weave over-the-shoulder warmers? Why do so many want to look like a junior boxer?

I've begun knitting this little ditty, with cotten crochet yarn and when it's finished, it will be a very sublime wrap, perfect for warm summer evenings when beauty still sets the tone.

When it's done, I'll post it here. In the meantime, I am patiently waiting for the snow to dissolve into the ground never to be seen or heard from again. And, it can take the ice on my front steps with it!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

I Want . . . . . and I Want . . .

What do I want?

They say "love" is the most favored word in our lives; I disagree. I say it is "want". For it seems to me, that our very existences are all about want. Getting. Having. Owning. Wishing. Desiring. Buying. Receiving. I Want. It is the mantra of our lives, it is the food of our souls.

Even here, online, there are a thousand different ways to get things. Buy things, pretty things, things we think we need, things we have been wanting for oh! so long. Things which we deserve, after all. Things which we have done without forever, it seems.

What do I want?
Another pair of shoes? I already have that.
A pocketbook? I already have that.
A book? I already have many.
A sweater? I have too many.
A new car? I have a car already.
A house? I have a house now.
How about curtains for the kitchen? There are curtains there now.
Well then, a new watch? I have numerous watches which I never wear anymore.
Rings? Please, I have enough rings for the neighborhood.
A pretty comforter? I have that already and can knit one, if I so desire.
An iPod? Now, there's something I don't have, and don't care to have.
How about an iPhone? I don't have one of these either; and can live without it.
A computer? I'm typing on my computer, as I speak.
A TV? Hi-def. That can wait, it's all the same anyway.
A bookcase? I have six, already.
A refrigerator? I have one already.
A jacket? I have many already.
A picture for the wall? I have many pictures in my house.
Flowers for a garden? I'll wait to see what springs up naturally.
Cosmetics? I have lots and lots of those, stuffed into drawers and cabinets now. Will it make me any younger? Will it still look good 100 years from now?

Just how shallow do I go? How insipid, how trivial am I?
What more could I possibly stuff into my life that I don't already have now?

I don't know about you, but today I didn't rummage through the garbage dump looking for lunch. When my children were babies they didn't look like death warmed over.

A great argument for abortion, you think? Too many babies in the world and not enough food?

Stupid you.

It's too much food in the world and not enough people who really give a damn. After all, who can think of such things as dying babies, when you have to run to the mall again, for the fourth time this week?

But, I think, sooner rather than later, that we will all find out just what we are made of.

It's coming. So go through all your stuff, and see what you will take with you.


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