Saturday, October 09, 2010

Can It Be . .

Imagine had John Lennon lived to be 70!

Friday, October 08, 2010

October Ornaments

I took Piper for a walk down the road this afternoon in search of some mail. Instead, I got junk. The day is incredibly beautiful; the leaves are at peak in the small trees, with the large scenic trees still to turn. The sky is sapphire blue, there wasn't a car in sight, and little red dragonflies followed us all the way down and all the way back. How they love the sun's warmth!
The picture above is of the meetinghouse in Jaffrey NH taken in October of 2004. The colors of New England are like no place else. Not even here in northeast PA.
Autumn comes on us so quickly! Even though the sun is at a lower angle, it makes for delightful patterns on walls and floors, that you just don't see in summer. You know Christmas is coming closer day by day.
So here is a link to the pattern I used for a new Christmas Afghan I'm knitting. Use any worsted weight yarn, and size 8 needles. Simply repeat Rows 1 - 48 for your desired length. Then end with the same border you started with and bind off. I am doing five sections, 3 green and 2 red, or 2 green and 3 red, I haven't decided which yet! Either way it will be very festive.


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