Sunday, November 04, 2007

From Me to You

I always loved that Beatles tune, "From Me to You," from way way back; simple rock'n roll and always about love. That's why I love knitting.

Because it too, is about love. About giving it the best you have, and knitting something up which is just spectacular! Knit my English Scarf, and you'll know what I mean.

I knit this in electric blue, Patons Astra, 2 to 3 skeins, depending on how long you like it.
Size 8 needles and a cable needle, and the finished size is about 60" long. This time I didn't fringe as
my scarf was for a man. (Just my preference.)

Cast on 42 stitches.

Row 1 (WS) K2, P2, K2, P6, K2, P2, K2, P6, K2, P2, K2, P6, K2, P2, K2.
Row 2 (RS) K4, P2, K6, P2, K2, P2, K6, P2, K2, P2, K6, P2, K4.
Row 3 repeat row 1.
Row 4 repeat row 2.
Row 5 repeat row 1.
Row 6 repeat row 2.
Row 7 repeat row 1.
Row 8 (RS) K4, P2, C6F, P2, K2, P2, C6F, P2, K2, P2, C6F, P2, K4.

Repeat these 8 rows to desired length, ending on row 7. Bind off.

C6F = Slip 3 sts onto a cable needle and hold to front of work, K3, then K the 3 sts. off cable needle.

And just to let you know how the world goes round, and I found this very interesting also, pretty neat too, (!) my friend lives in the UK but was in Germany for a concert gig, so I mailed my scarf to Germany from the USA along with a card which had a French sentiment on the cover and was advertised as "American Greetings" on the back. So, it just goes to show you, you never quite know where or who you might be knitting for as the years go by!!

Enjoy, and you have plenty of time until Christmas to knit at least, oh, a dozen or so for family & friends!!


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