Thursday, April 13, 2006

Learn to Knit....Me?

You know, I was thinking just recently; in this world we live in, there are many things to do. Besides work, I mean. And besides cleaning the house, or paying bills or running our kids all over town. Every one of us deserves a hobby. Something each of us does really really well. So well, in fact, that we infuriate everybody else we know with our hobby knowledge.
That can be you, too. We all need a place and something in that place that is just us. Just ours and no one else's. Something we have learned, and keep adding to; something we may adjust over time, or take to a higher level, but something that we just keep getting better at.
For me that something is knitting. And it can be for you, too. Knitting doesn't have to be selfish; although there are too many nice patterns that I have done up just for myself!
So, you may be wondering, who is there to knit for? Do you have children? How about parents or nieces and nephews? How about your best friend? Or a good neighbor or co-worker? What about your spouse or significant other? And let's not forget our pets! They deserve something knitted and wonderful, too! Or how about all the homeless people, the displaced people, the sick, the dying, the dead?
Believe it or not, we can knit for all of these people. So, pick a group, any group, and next week, take a look at my website, for a special webpage I'm adding. It will have links to charitable sites all over the web, which are all over this country and the world.
We can never be knitting enough, or fast enough, for all the need in this world that there is.
And that's a knitting fact.

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