Monday, April 10, 2006

Knittings Deep Deep Soul

It's an absolutely beautiful early spring day, even if spring is my least favorite season. Here in northeast PA it stays cold too long for me. I'm working on the day when I can move to a warm beach, turqoise water lapping at my feet, graceful swaying palm trees overhead, a comfortable chair and ---- you guessed it, my knitting!!
You see, you really can take knitting anywhere you go. Do you commute in someone's car or take the train or bus? How about those rides to see family on the weekends or travelling to a friends weekend retreat? On those long interstates, and parkways, over country roads and highways, there is always time to knit.
Here's the best part - it's so easy to learn knitting!! Master a few foundation stitches and there is just a whole world of wonder waiting for you! Once you know how to knit, learn how to purl, then from there you can experiment; learn dropped stitches, or yarnovers, then get really fancy and add some cable stitches. All so easy!! And all still using nothing more than a knit stitch or a purl stitch. Believe me when I tell you it's a piece of cake!
Knitting is such an ancient craft; and that's part of the pull for me. It's a craft, something that seems to be disappearing off of the American landscape these days. Better to run to the store for that scarf or sweater; who needs an afghan anyway?
You'd be surprised.
To learn a craft is to learn something about me. It helps to focus my attention, it takes me out of my comfort zone when I'm challenged by a unique pattern, then it puts me right back there again, pleased with myself that I can do this, and even more pleased with myself that I had the foresight to stretch my horizons. The best part of that is the more I do, the better I get, and the more I want to do.
When you start to learn knitting, just stick with the basics. Practice over and over again those most basic of stitches, knit the simple items first, and you will inevitably get better and better at it. It has to be! When you are really comfortable, that is the payoff. It's when you get to sit in your favorite room, in your favorite chair, and work on your craft.
We weren't given two hands for nothing.

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