Sunday, August 19, 2007

Knitting Your Way to Happiness

Life just comes at us, doesn't it, in a million differentways. Every waking minute of our day, it seems as if there isalways something waiting for us. Some of it imminent; most of it pertinent; a little of it of no consequence.

Yes, life can be so complicated. Yet, it is in the midstof our daily frenzy that we can find the best solace.

How, you may ask? How, when life's daily expectances,simply look to overwhelm us. How then, do we make life simple again? How can what I do, any day, every day, allday long, ever begin to make a difference?

Good questions. There are good answers awaiting.

It is simple, quite simple. Just take your passion out.Whatever burns a fire in your heart, whatever soaks throughthe layers of your life and is sustained in and of itself, when all else makes no difference. Whatever you go back to timeand time again; that talent your mother told you you had manytimes when you were growing up.

Aside from my writing, it is knitting, which has woven its very threads into my being. I can't live without it! I love everything there is to know about being a knitter. The patterns, the creations, the yarns, the needles, the blogs, the websites, the books, the magazines, the shops, the camaraderie of others who share my passion.

But, more than anything else I love the way knitting makes mefeel!! It is in the quiet moments, when I hear my needlesclicking, and the very best thoughts, which I suspect are beingthought by someone else way out there in the universe and pickedup by my thoughts floating out there too; just like those wispy dandelion heads which we blew apart as children and watched fly away into the world. Somewhere out there they don't merely fall apart into nothingness; no, they find other wispy seed heads to join up with, to stick to, and become whole wispy dandelion heads all over again.

Whole, from a part. That's the secret to passion. Knowing thatyou, or I, are only a part of the puzzle. We are not the entire thing!And we never will be. We can only give what we have, and that will dojust fine, thank you!

But, there is so much to give! Just take knitting, for instance. In knitting's pleasures are found its treasures. Where can you caston one sole stitch and when completely done, behold a masterpiece evenyou didn't think was possible?! Where can you get to know other knitters,some across the street, others across the world, who know just what you know, who think just as you do, who hold the same passions inside just like you?

If your desire is to help people, here we are! Any yarn, any color will do.Caps for preemies, afghans for Afghans, blankies for little ones, shawls forthe sick, pretty scarves in furry colors like cotton candy and sapphire blue,to dazzle eyes that never see such fun. Of course, there is always Christmas,birthdays, and don't forget weddings. Nothing makes me feel nicer than to hearall the "ooh's" and "ahh's" when a beautiful wedding afghan that I knitted comes out of its gift box and everyone exclaims all round! Want to make your cat or baby dog extra cozy this winter? We do that too!

Then there is knitting to see my way beyond sorrow and grief. Tell me, who doesn'tknow that song? Yet, it's ending can be upbeat, or at least, a metered measurecloser to feeling better. Or in helping another to find their way through thedark. Because to knit, you have to be in the light.

Don't ever think you don't have what it takes to be the next helping hand, the next inspiration, the next big idea, because if you live and breathe and have your being in this world, then the possibility is there!

Because you are there. Because you are here. Because you have a passion. And the world needs your passion. Because with it you will never go wrong. Because with it is your key to happiness. And that is the only way, isn't it, to open thedoor to your heart!

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Beverlypr said...

I absolutely loved your post. It really made me think about my passion for knitting and reading. I'm printing it out to give to my teenage daughter. It's something that I really want her to read. thank you!


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