Sunday, August 05, 2007

Knitting Around the World -- Denmark

Whenever I think of Europe, certain countries always seem to come to mind. There is France, of course and Germany, and Italy, but never Denmark.

But, not anymore.

Denmark may be small, sitting at the very top of continental Europe, but it's power is not to be under-estimated.

Looking for castles in the air? Or do you love golf, or biking, or hiking or water sports? Love clubbing, or staying in pretty bed and breakfasts? Then, Denmark is for you.

Copenhagen is a must-see. From the Little Mermaid to the Tivoli Gardens, to canal tours to the Amalienborg Palace to the Stroget, the world's longest pedestrian street for shopping (now we're talking!), there is something here for everyone!

Not too far away is Fredericia. Here you can see the "Landsoldaten" a giant hand in the grass, dedicated as the world's first memorial to the common soldier. One of the best things about Fredericia is the music, music, music. Like cozy and intimate, love jazz, or want to be a part of the musical academy? Then this is the place for you! Theatres and exhibitions abound, as well as beautiful shops and lots of arts and crafts, too! Not to be missed!

Besides, all that, there is the knitting. Some of the sites I came upon have such beautiful knitted creations! One of my favorite sites is Hanne Falkenburg Hand Knit Kit Gallery.
There is something for everyone here, I think, and some stunning colors as well. From Spinning Wheels in Copenhagen to Ebeltoft where you find Balleby Art & Knitting, to every little, cozy knitting studio in between, Denmark offers a fabulous array of beautiful knitting patterns and yarns, many of which are Scandinavian and unique to us here in the States.
For some delightful Danish yarn, drop into Garn Studio's where there is something for everyone. Or go to the Sirri store and learn more about the Faroe Islands and how yarn is made there.
And, hey, while your traipsing around Denmark be sure to check out the Olstykke Festival this coming Saturday August 11 at 8 p.m. One of my favorite groups, the Tremeloes, are appearing and they are fantastic!

And for a wonderful Danish welcome, please go to Visit North Sealand; you'll be glad you did!

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DanishKnitDesign said...

Åhhhh, just stumbled over your blog and it made me very homesick! I was born and raised in DK, now living in the US. This post called out memories of the beautiful autumn colors that I'm missing right now, the ever present wind and always having a sense of the water being close by. And the knitting and the yarns of course! Yes, there is a diffrent aproach than here. One aspect that strikes me, is our preference for knitting on a 3mm needle compared to the chuncky stuff over here. Although big knits seems to be the thing everywere in the fashion world right now.


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