Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Hot August nights

I have a friend who lives in Bremen Germany and she has a wonderful little saying on her website.

"Life is simple -- it's either cherry red or midnight blue."

Don't you just love it?! It really is so simple.

We do tend to terribly complicate our worlds and one of the worst ways we do that is by looking at all of life's options.

Walk down the cereal aisle in the supermarket or stroll into any shoe store in the mall, if you don't believe what I say. How about choosing a nail polish or trying to decide which shower curtain or bath towel to buy? And never mind about brands of soda, potato chips, or even birthday cards or flowers. We just have too much.

Choice is great but excess makes us crazy!

And, then there's yarn. You didn't think it was any different for crafty people like you and me, did you? If you are like me, then you really look forward to the latest edition of favorite yarn supplements, what with all the newest yarns, new accessories, and pretty patterns . Yet, start turning the pages and before you're done there will be at least 15 different projects that you want to knit!

Not two of them will use the same yarn! So there you are, looking at all this yarn for all these patterns and pictures and information, and all of a sudden the dreaded overload syndrome starts to kick in.

Just for a "for instance", do you like Beehive Baby Yarn, or Mellowspun Sport; how about Aran Irish Twist, or Softee Chunky or Titan Bulky or Satin Yarn. Maybe, Iced Iris Glacier Yarn, or Pretty Striping Yarn or Marble or even Camouflage yarn???

So, the next time "yarn hysteria" hits, remember, life is simple. It's either cherry red or midnight blue. Or with us knitters it's "Satin Stardust" or "Sugar 'n Cream." After all, anything sweet will do!

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