Sunday, May 27, 2007

Tea to go with that yarn?

"Sail me on a silver sun
Where I know that I'm free
Show me that I'm everywhere
And get me home for tea"

The Beatles "All Too Much"

I think from Yellow Submarine. If you want a flashback just go to

From when I was little, I have always loved tea! "Take tea and see!" my Mom always told me my grandfather would say. He was the tea drinker in our family, and he got my mother hooked, and ever since I can remember tea has been my middle name.

Just because Tuesday, May 29, is the 2nd anniversary of my Mom's passing, I want to leave a little impression here as to what kind of mother I have. Not had. She may be gone from my sight, but, she will never stop being my mother. And who knows, maybe she really is here, you know, "a breath away's not far, to where you are." Go see
Josh Groban if you don't believe me.

If ever there was someone in my life with a smile for everyone, it was Mom.
If ever there was someone who knew the preciousness of life, it was Mom.
If ever there was someone willing to speak out for what she believed, it was Mom.
If ever there was someone who taught me to take risks, it was Mom.
If ever there was someone who ran us all around to fulfill our (my sister and I) heart's desires, it was Mom.
If ever there was anyone happier when she became a grandmother, I have yet to find her.
If ever there was someone who loved to read and instilled that precious love in me, it was Mom.
If ever there was someone who was always learning, whether it be playing the piano, or knitting, it was Mom.
If ever there was anyone who could set a more beautiful dining room table, I haven't found her yet.
If ever there was someone who loved her pets more tenderly, it could only be those who learned from her love how to love our own baby dogs and cats.
If ever there was anyone who dressed better, I have never met them.
If ever there was someone who thought every season was beautiful, it was Mom.
If ever there was someone who looked prettier in a prom dress, I have not met her.

As I picked the thorny little branches off the ground that Dad had trimmed in front of her gravestone on Memorial Day, I felt her there with me; maybe lounging on the stone in front of me, maybe floating gracefully in the air, warm with the sun all around me. I only know she was there, and oftentimes, here in Pennsylvania, with me. Shadows all around me, are no figment of my imagination; I can't imagine that well. She is there, watching over us all, I suspect; keeping us from harm.

I do know this much; in this life, remember:

it is all God's will;
every day is a gift;
and you will know love when you feel love;

but, my mother could have told you that.

So, never stop listening to the stillness, and you will find your heart's desire.

Hopefully, with a cup of tea at arm's length and your passion going full-tilt; for life's just not worth it, any other way.

In the immortal words of George M Cohan,
"My sister thanks you, my father thanks you",
but most of all my mother thanks you.

For all I am, for all she always knew I was, for all I will ever be, I thank you Mom,
and no one will ever love you more.

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