Thursday, August 26, 2010

Late Summer Longings

One more week until Labor Day! Out on the roads are lots of yellow school buses, whether practicing their runs or doing road tests, I don't know, yet there they are! They blend in with the goldenrod and ferns which are beginning to grow sere and lighten to a pale yellow.

Driving past the high schoool, there is the football team out practicing on the front grass, and everyone slows down to watch them. Next week or in two weeks, their season will be underway!

Last week I knitted a baby blanket for a co-worker's great-granddaughter. It was easy and quick and looks wonderful! So pretty in pink. Here's a picture, and next week I will post the pattern.

In this month's newsletter, I made mention of working a "yo" stitch. I will also post this picture, along with what a "ssk", and "psso" look like. Look for these no later than this coming weekend!

You know, the weekend before Labor Day! As always, enjoy your knitting and I am also looking to post Christmas patterns as fast as I find them!

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