Wednesday, June 13, 2007

What next?

Don't stay on "wrap up" too long -- you may get crucified. Or at the very least, same-timed. Yet, when calls are coming in hot and heavy, who notices you're there? Oh well, just had to vent, from a job that gives me little satisfaction. From a job that is filling in the blanks until all the rest pans out.

Don't get me going.........and don't ask me why I knit! It's cheaper than drinking, although a good gin
and we're talkin!

Lately I've been a knitting fool. Working on shawls, swatches, washcloths, scarves, shrugs, sweaters, baby stuff. Here's a picture of some of my stash, at least those things I haven't given away --

So, now what?

That is the question. This summer stretches out with nothing in particular to knit. No weddings, no babies, no special events of any kind; just long, hot days yet to come.

The temperature will inevitably climb into the 90's and then stay there; stuck, like flies to honey. Humidity will creep in and creep up until the air is thick and heavy. Then all breezes cease. Even those little winds which dance at the tops of the trees, just disappear; never to be seen again until September, when totally weary, and I suspect, disgusted with itself, summer finally collapses into a cooler version of what it should have been all along.

We aren't even into summer yet, that happens next Thursday on the 21st, my handsome son, Rob's, birthday, but the days are already humid and thunderstorms roll through daily.

Weather which doesn't require heavy sweaters and scarves and gloves and cars which feel like frozen tombs in the morning is a welcome break indeed, if you ask me. Take notice of these long evenings, after July 4th they will start going the other way.

So, back to my question.....what to make?

I've already picked out a lacy, willowy tank from one of the several knitting mags I subscribe to, so that may be my next project. I'm also leaning to something big. As in a bed comforter. Something in the nature of a patchwork primitve design, the kind you find in some old dusty antique shop in New England. So, we shall see.
I'm working out some patterns to knit some squares and will post them next week I think, after my newsletter is created and after all those hours spent at work, thinking about all I could be doing, somewhere else.

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