Tuesday, August 08, 2006

5 Best Reasons To Knit!

It's early August, and I can almost hear sleigh bells.Can't you? Don't look now, but summer is on the wane! Without even knowing it, the days are growing shorter,already! Cool breezes are blowing and some foliage is actually going away.
But wait! There is a solution....instead of gettingdepressed, you need to do something. Like take up a hobby.
I can't think of anything better than learning to knit!
I don't care about all those other crafts and DIY projects;learn knitting and you can kiss those paintballs goodbye!
If you don't believe me, then let me give you *5* goodreasons why:
#1 You can feel just like a knitting apprentice! Afterall, in centuries past an apprentice was someone learning a craft,and if you are new to knitting, then you're an apprentice! Eventhe Donald couldn't argue with that!
With knitting, there is a TON of information, and no matterhow often you knit, or how much you think you know, there is alwayssomething new.
And that's good, because you never want to run out of ideas.
#2 Years ago there was a TV commercial for "Shake N Bake",which featured a little girl in the kitchen with Mom, and all shesaid was "Shake n Bake...and I helped".
Now, I know that has nothing to do with knitting. However,the best part of that, is when a friend asks you where youbought your pretty little purse, or new scarf, you can say,"I knitted it myself."
Old commercial, same premise. Take it from me, when youknit-it-yourself, it feels good!
#3 The Four Seasons. Knitting is strictly non-committal. It doesn't care what month it is or what holiday isapproaching, there is always something fun to knit.
Halloween, autumn, Independence Day, Valentine's Day,graduations, weddings, take-your-dog-to-work-day, christenings,Christmas, you name the day, and there is a knitting patternout there for it!
Your knitting creations are always one-of-a-kind, not to beseen in any store or mall. So, when you're knitting thatChristmas stocking on the train home from work, you neverknow who you will be inspiring next.
#4 Unless you have been living under a rock or way outpast left field, you know how expensive gasoline is getting!Daily, the price goes higher.
So, instead of getting in your gas-guzzling vehicle, andcruising around town, to no avail, take up knitting. Get aneighborhood group together, or start a club in your dorm or condo.
Buy some cheapy yarn, and needles, and download my ebook, "Ready Or Knit, Here I Come!" from [www.TheKnitStitch.com]and you will be amazed at the fun to be had!
#5 Knitting is good for you! We all live very stressfullives.
If it's not one thing, it's the other; and every-day lifecan be tough. Sometimes a bubble bath, or mood music just doesn'tcut it.
Knitting can help. The mere click of the needles issoothing music.
Knitting one row, then another, creating stitches, patterns,projects, and seeing it all come together makes for satisfactionindeed.
It doesn't all happen at once. Many projects take weeks,and months to complete, if you want to do them right.
But, that's the essence of knitting.
Working with your hands, you are creating something rightfrom the first stitch. You watch it come to life as you go, andlittle by little, your knitting becomes reality.
Exercise is great, yet, doing something for your soul, isjust as important.
So, if you want to slow down, and find meaning in your lifeagain, try knitting.
So, there you have it, 5 best reason to knit!
But, don't take my word for it, try it for yourself!
Keep YOUR knitting on the "Cutting Edge" with FREE patterns. The place where smart knitters gather resourcesand share stories. FREE Details ==>[http://www.theknitstitch.com]
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